Oct. 21st, 2008

Anyone want to join me in running away from home and all grown up responsibilities?
It seems that many of us want to run away from the real world for an hour, a day, or forever. Until we can figure out a way to do that for real, let's create an online hideaway.

If you need a mental health day, week, month, or minute, pull up a chair and join the party. Invite your friends or make new ones; consider it low key friending frenzy if you wish. Feel free to make your self a home. Feel free to do any or all of the following: Tell us a joke. Share your favorite way to save your sanity when work, kids, spouses, friends are driving you to the brink. Share pictures of your favorite vacations (dream or real). Pets are welcome because cuddling with furry creatures always makes things better. My music collection is pretty weird so feel free to add your own tunes to the mix.

The nice thing about a cyberspace getaway is that it can be anything you want. For example, outside we have a toasty beach with sand for volleyball and warm waters for swimming. Inside we have the makings of a crisp fall day complete with a crackling fire in the fireplace.

I have supplied some Evil Brownies (tm) and hot chocolate complete with adult additives such as butterscotch schnapps. If you are in a more summery mood, there is fresh squeezed lemonade and the makings for margaritas and daiquiris over near the blender (I even remembered the little paper umbrellas). Lots of other snacks will be along shortly; I even put a call out to the universe for gumbo.

Make yourself at home. I have to go give a lecture about depressing topics but will return in a bit.

I want

Oct. 21st, 2008 08:58 pm
I want one of these pumpkin cake pans

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