Oct. 12th, 2008

I went to the sunflower festival but not a sunflower blossom in sight. I am not sure if the drought, the flooding, or the timing was off but whatever blossoms there had been are long since gone. I wandered around the few vendors that were there. Disappointing after it being like this two years ago.

Chatted with one woman decided there was nothing to entertain myself for the hour until MJ and her family were likely to arrived so I didn't wait around. I did drive down a few new back roads and stop for Indian food on the way home. Now I am considering a nap.

I am feeling the need for adventure and exploration. Perhaps I'll go for a drive after the meeting tomorrow which means I need to work this afternoon.

The motivations:

1. I feel the need to experience something new.
2. I need something to work toward and anticipate that is doable.
3. I want whatever that is to be within my control to make happen.

I spent a couple of hours trying to explore possibilities for a vacation sometime next year. I started with these basic parameters.

1. I would prefer to reach the destination by train or car rather than flying.
2. I would like to learn something new or be useful while on said vacation.
3. I would like to visit an area where the flora and fauna are at least moderately different than here.
4. I don't mind semi-roughing it but would prefer not to deal with a tent if traveling by air or rail. Not having to cook my own meals would be a plus.
5. I don't want a full-fledged tour but wouldn't mind some organized activities and time with others.
6. Opportunities for photography are very important to me.
7. The trip would occur spring or summer and I don't care much for hot weather.
8. Tours and cruises are problematic because of having to (a) room with a stranger or (b) pay a significant premium in the form of single up charge.
9. I strongly prefer wild spaces to cities.

I tried searching for spiritual retreats but none of those seemed quite right. I tried travel and a trip to Iceland sounds like fun but I have no idea how to go about planning that trip. The things that have the most potential are some of the week-long classes held at Folk Schools such as this one. I wish there was something like elder hostel programs for people my age.

Here are a few classes that appeal to me:

cheese making (includes goat milking)
basket making and more basket making

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