May. 17th, 2008

Downsizing Food to Fit Smaller Budgets (CNN)

After seeing a number of people sing the praises of Greek Yogurt I picked some up a couple of times. The first round I used in sauces. The verdict good but I don't understand the fuss. Over the last couple of days I used some as a substitute for sour cream -- Very, Very good. Then I tried the idea of stirring in some honey and walnuts -- very, very, very good and the mixture would be amazing spooned over fresh berries. I am a convert. The link above is to a version from Stonyfield Farms which isn't the brand I had but I am on the look out for this organic version.

This post made me smile. I wish I lived where a combination of walking and public transit would get me to and from work. This post has a similar theme: the joy of connecting to community and place.

Jobs Meme

May. 17th, 2008 06:51 pm
From [ profile] becky_gardens "List in your journal, every job title you have had. From your very first to your very last (or most current), with a little blurb about your duties and/or employer (most mine are pretty obvious)"

Some of these were held two at a time

High school and earlier:

Housekeeper (from about age 11-15 so obviously just a part time job and unofficial)
Child Care Assistant (story time for 2 year olds was one of my main duties- shudder!) (Freshman year of high school)
Server, head hostess and cook for a catering company
Food server at Braum's (the only job I have ever walked out of without notice)
Convenience store clerk at Love's Country Store
Waitress (Kettle)

Undergraduate in College:

Retail associate (service desk, cash office, layaway, special projects, cashier) (T,G,&Y and then Wal-Mart)
Non-technical medical care assistant (helped a disabled woman a few hours a day with house and personal tasks)
Student secretary
Office assistant and weekend shelter supervisor for a battered women's shelter

Graduate school and beyond:

Teaching assistant for statistics
Research Assistant and Site Coordinator
Conference coordinator
House sitter (only job where I have been seriously injured; I broke my leg in three places while house sitting)
Program Coordinator for Women's Studies Program
Faculty Member (now at my third university)

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