May. 10th, 2008

A day in the life of post where I wrote the post in snippets throughout the day.

7:30 The day begins snuggled on the couch with a cup of coffee. I am tired and sore this morning despite calling it an early night. I did too much this past week. The idea of going to the Valpo farmer's market and for a walk at Ogden Garden's is battling with th desire to not leave the home today. I need to move some transplants into containers, grade exams, weed the flower bed, and do some housework so there is plenty to keep me occupied here. So far playing hermit is winning over the desire to venture out. Weather forecast for the day is for a high of 63 after an overnight low near 40. It is starting out sunny but clouds and rain move in later today. Now off to read blogs and LJ while savoring my coffee.

11:30 A hunger for fresh basil and asparagus tipped the scales in favor of venturing out. Sadly the farmer's market is still just plants so no asparagus. I did find some basil plants that are large enough to provide a few leaves now -- 5 kinds of basil to be exact. I have seeded many more varieties than that but those are weeks away from becoming food. I love buying healthy plants from a person rather than sad plants from a big box store for two to three times that much. I also went by the local nursery to see if they have the new variety of fig that is hardy to zone 6 but no luck with finding Chicago Hardy figs. Fig trees are one of the things I miss about living in the south. My trip to the nursery revealed a mass of people -- seriously sunny May morning with rain on the way means crowds at the local nurseries that resemble Christmas Eve at the mall. My trip out and about also revealed that gasoline has broken the $4 mark locally. I hope ChR and I really are able to carpool for trips to campus this summer. Now I am home and pondering lunch before heading out to weed and plant the new babies. What I would really like to do is go find a radio host and kick him in the shins for scaring gardeners in the area. I am not sure how he misread the forecast to say that tonight's low would be at the freezing line. That is not what the forecasts I see have to say -- thank goodness.


Planted the new babies and transplanted some seeds that I had started a couple of weeks ago. When I finished I took a seat on the steps to enjoy the smell of spring, the sound of the birds, and the feel of the breeze. Several feathered folk provided entertainment (e.g. a pair of American goldfinches, a tufted titmouse, robins, mourning doves, a white-breasted nuthatch, a male cardinal, a couple of house sparrows, and a new addition to both my life and yard lists -- a house wren). The house wren was the most amusing of the bunch. He might be tiny but he repeatedly chased the goldfinches away from the feeder. Here is a bad photo of cute critter; he seemed to be singing a victory song after chasing away the goldfinches.


3:30 Added photos of my "garden" as it looks now to flickr. They are not good photos but I want to document the growing season. If you are curious, clicking on the wren will take you to my flickr page. I just finished up some dishes and sweeping as well as starting dinner. Dinner will use some of the herbs from the photos. Now I am settling in for an evening of grading exams and waiting on dinner to cook.

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