Mar. 14th, 2008

Option A: Send my regrets to the Red Cross regarding the training and stay curled up in bed with lots and lots of blankets and a heating pad

Option B: Suck it up and go to the training. Advantage to this is I could stop and get some lavender oil.

Option C: ? I guess there really isn't an option C

I have still have a few hours to decide.
I have surrendered and emailed the Red Cross withdrawing from the training tonight and tomorrow. If taking a shower feels like a monumental chore then there isn't much use trying to be useful. Thank goodness for laptops because the extent of my concentration seems to be puttering about in cyberspace. Things I have found that might be interesting to some of you: (volunteering meets bartering but sadly not available in my area)

and interesting combination of coop meets farmer's market Western Michigan Coop. Each month (during the production season) there is a week when you can place orders with local producers. Then once per month at central local all local producers drop off the goods in the morning and consumers pick them up in the afternoon. Volunteers provide the labor. Pickups would be a 2 hour drive but might be worth it a few times a year this would be especially true if I preserved the harvest, volunteered while there, and combined the trip with other things I value. Seems like this would be a very good way to structure local food production in NW Indiana.
The campus email system does not allow for filters or marking address or subject lines as spam and it is driving me nuts. I am deleting dozens of messages a day manually. There is a system wide spam filter but it is useless at blocking what I don't want but very good at blocking what I do want. Heck it doesn't even allow me to thread messages.
I took advantage of the blurry feeling created by the ear issues and fever to give me courage. Well that and my federal tax return showing up in my bank account. I am registered for HAI. I did spring for the extra charge to get a private room.
Need a virtual therapist? Try Eliza. My attempt quickly made it clear that I would be horribly in talk therapy settings.

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