Jan. 20th, 2008

It is Sunday morning just before 8. The sun is shining; not that you would want to spend time outside as the temperature is -4F and feels much colder than that. Ice has been replaced with water for the birds. Coffee is brewing.

I had odd dreams last night. The two I remember are loosely connected. Dream 1 was about packing up and fleeing from a combination natural disaster/terrorist attack . Very detailed but about the decisions involved and the conversations rather than the attack itself. Based on the lead time it was clear my brain was using a hurricane as the model for whatever the impending doom might have been. I was taveling with a copmanion though that companion and their relationship to me was never clear.

In the second dream or Part B of Dream 1, I was back at the university where I did my undergraduate work. I am not sure where I was living at the start of Dream 1 but it was near a coast and given that Northwestern Oklahoma is about as far as one can get from a coast in this country we had driven for a very long time. That dream was about conversations with old professors and some of their current students. At the end of the dream I made a comment about needing to find a television to check the news to see if we could turn around and drive toward home or if we needed to keep driving and find a new place to live.

It was not an action filled pair of dreams but intense with regard to details and emotions. I have no idea what triggered the dreams or how they might fit with what I was pondering as I drifted off to sleep.

Today's plans are quiet --putter around the house, work on course stuff, put together a sort of vegetable korma dish, watch the birds outside the window. Actually puttering may not be a strong enough word. As I was getting ready for bed I felt a wave of disgust for some of the stuff in my life so some significant purging is part of my plan -- chief among the targets is my lingerie stash. I own a great deal of lacy and racy things from another chapter in my life but now they are just taking up two large drawers of space. Some of the materials are lovely and I hate to waste them but they are pretty pieces of clutter all the same. I don't plan to venture out unless CR wants to work together today.

Outside my windw I currently see: a male cardinal, two red-breasted nuthatches, a chickadee, a white-breasted nuthatch, a few pine siskins and juncos, a couple of starlings, a down woodpecker, and a female red-bellied woodpecker.

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