Jan. 17th, 2008

The last few days have been incredibly intense and busy. I have class off campus today and it doesn't start until 1 so I took a bit of time for me this morning. Well sort of for me, I took time to pay some bills, start a load of laundry, and similar sorts of things before heading out. As I did these things, the following thoughts were brewing.

Decluttering thoughts related to computers: )

Portable computing:  )

Professional service I could use: I need to hire someone who could do the research on purchases or figure out the process for doing something. Someone to whom I could give basic parameters (e.g., I need a computer that will do X and have $$ to spend, or I would like to go on a vacation that has attribute set M but don't know where to go, stay, etc., or I would like to start a business or get a liscense of of a given type in state Y). The person in question could then do leg work of putting together a list of options that fit my purchasing needs along with estimates or make the calls/search the net and find out what steps are involved and where you go to do each of those things and present you with a briefing/map forward.

I suppose this is a combination of life coach and personal shopper. Maybe most people don't need this service but it is the stage where I get bogged down when it comes to moving toward goals. I am ashamed to admit how little I understand about the world outside of academia. If you want to get a Ph.D. or go back to college, I can walk you through that process. If I need to buy a new refrigerator, I am about as useful as a 12 year old. I easily become overwhelmed with information and options and end up doing one of two things: (1) giving up before I really get started or (2) spending money unwisely by using the strategy of buying the most/best I can afford in case I need the features in the future or buying something that doesn't meet my needs and thereby waste money.

Ineresting idea this: Thatcamp unconference.

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