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Question 1: What to have for dinner when I didn't feel like cooking?
Question 2: What to do with an abundance of cherry tomatoes and several types of basil?
Question 3: How much longer will that goat cheese last?
Question 4: Why is that spinach going bad so fast?

Solution to all of the above: One very tasty creation (something between a pizza and focaccia) that started with some of the multigrain/heavily seeded bread dough that I made yesterday.

The process was simple enough that it didn't feel like cooking. While the oven preheated to about 375 degrees, I mushed (technical term you know ;) ) a handful of the dough onto the bottom of cast iron skillet that I had coated with a film of olive oil. When the oven was hot, I popped the skillet into the oven. While it cooked I halved a handful of cherry and grape tomatoes from my garden. I rinsed, patted dry, and tore into bite sized pieces three types of basil and some spinach leaves. Then I went on a scavenger hunt and found a jar of marinated artichoke hearts so I pulled out and coarsely chopped a few of those. Next I pondered additional seasonings and settled on some freshly dried parsley and chives; the herbs were also from my garden.

Once the dough was lightly toasted on one side, I flipped it over and drizzled a bit more olive oil on top and added the veggies and herbs and topped with dollops of goat cheese. A few minutes later a warm and very tasty dinner that created few dishes or garbage, took little time, and was very satisfying.

My container garden will never make me self-sufficient but it certainly makes for some tasty meals. It also keeps me in touch with the seasons. Between what I grow and buying local, I seldom need to be concerned with the latest food recall. The biggest plus of growing my own and buying local is the taste. Too bad the flour wasn't local; with local flour and forgoing the artichokes and it could have been my One Local Summer meal for the week.

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