If you had the resources to start your own business, what would it be?

A bakery/cafe/coffee shop with a very laid back comfortable feel, comfortable furniture, and wireless access of course. It would be a place to sit and play board games, curl up with a book in front of the over-sized fireplace, make a new friend over coffee, or meet an old friend for lunch. My target audience would be the post-college age adult crowd and especially those who live alone and who sometimes want to spend time in the company of others without it being a big deal.

I would decorate with work by local artists and there would be performances by local stage artists. The menu would be based on local/seasonal products. There would be hooks for folks to have their own mugs and mugs made by local potters would be available for purchase. There would also be lots of book shelves filled with a sort of community lending library. I would live in an apartment above the cafe.

The building would be surrounded by enclosed informal gardens with lots of herbs for use in the kitchen and flowers. The gardens would be sprinkled with tables and benches. My dream is as much about a community focal point as a business and as such it would some times be the host for seasonal celebrations and events.

Yip. I dream about this enough to have even worked how the lending library would work. It would be a place where I could play hostess on regular basis.

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