Project 365

Jul. 1st, 2007 09:37 pm
Behind the cut are four photos from my walk around Red Mill Park on the way to my office and a quick stop at the PNC pond as I left campus.Read more... )
On the way to my office I stopped at the PNC pond for a few minutes where I took several lovely photos. I still need to process most of them but I did get this one and 3 more of this beauty posted on Flickr. My day also ended in beauty. I finished my evening class a few minutes early and was treated to an incredible (that term doesn't really do it justice) sunset.

It is a blessed and charmed life I am living; at least that is the way I see it.

My June 28 photo for Project 365

Summer Beauty
*Drama Free Thursday comes to you courtesy of [ profile] popfiend.

Thanks to the folks who have responded to my snail mail goodness post. I have copied your info and deleted your comments to protect your privacy. Since a couple of you asked for my address, I'll post it later in a FL post. There is still plenty of time to join the fun.

There are some things that are not so great this morning but they are not worth discussing. What is great is the fact that the temperatures have dropped significantly and the breeze coming through my windows is cool. That fact makes my Newman's Own Coffee taste even better. The fact that I have Newman in my mug is another reason to by happy. Wiseway (my local grocery store) has just added it to the list of organic products they care.

Another reason to be joyful today -- my afternoon class has an online work day so I don't have to lecture until 6 this evening which means that I can relax and take my morning slowly. This is a very good thing.

The weekend promises to be nice. I would like to go up to Fernwood for the butterfly festival but we shall have to see as I have lots to do before leaving for the Sunshine Coast. in only 9 days *eep!* Locally there is also the the local frog hunt and community picnic. Read more about it over here.

This week has been filled with unexpected surprises. A lovely bit of snail mail goodness from [ profile] oberonia, meeting not one but two potential new friends which whom I may be able to share things I enjoy, and an unexpected deposit into my checking account, the aforementioned Newman's Own coffee, some very nice feedback about how things important to me are perceived by others, and more . . . .

However I must admit to being more cynical that I realized especially given my resent reading matter such as Pronoia which are all about living in expectation of being showered with blessings by the universe. Case in point: when I sat down on Tuesday morning to update and reconcile my checking account (something I do a few times a week), there was a deposit listed in the account history on the bank website. I wasn't expecting any such deposit but after a moment realized that it was by tax refund from Oklahoma. My immediate reaction was not delight, gratitude, or joy -- it was a sense of panic that they had sent me the refund twice and that sorting out the mistake was going to be a headache. A few minutes of frantic searching through records proved that this wasn't true. My reaction then became one of fussing at myself that I could have lost track of the fact that I hadn't yet received the refund. This morphed in to meta-fretting (fretting the fact that I was fretting). I am going to have to work on weakening that inner cynic.

I didn't manage to take a photo on Monday but here is Tuesday's shot. )

Taken well after 11 p.m. when I returned from the monthly meeting for the Duneland Image Maker's camera club meeting. I wasn't the only woman there this time but it is still overwhelmingly made up of much, much older men. The subjects for the next few months include several things I like to shoot. The theme July is "water"; especially nice since I will be able to take beach shots while at the The August theme is "produce" which will give me a chance to take some local produce photos that do double duty and show off shots that I plan to take at the Eumundi Market. Not sure what the theme for September is but October is "graveyards." On the subject of photography, I downloaded a 30 day trial of Photoshop CS3 which has so much more than my current version of Photoshop 7.

I am now a member of Wisconsin Public Radio -- why Wisconsin? Being a member allows me to download podcasts of To The Best of Our Knowledge. Anyone have a favorite podcast they would like to recommend? I am gathering material for entertaining myself on the trip; so nice to have one small item with a variety of material rather than packing multiple books.

Well enough rambling so I'll end with these Random words that have caught my eye )
Behind the cut are nine small photos for each day working backwards from today. Clicking on the photos will take you to flicker where larger versions can be viewed.

This week's photos were generally grab on the run so they aren't particularly good photos. Read more... )
365 for June 13 is a very greedy little chipmunk.

Chubby Cheeks and Corn

Anotjer shot of chubby cheeks behind the cut.

Read more... )

Project 365

Jun. 6th, 2007 08:57 pm
Today's photo is from a lunch time walk around Red Mill Park. There are more photos from my walk over at flickr.

sum07 050b

Sunday at Wilson Pond
Originally uploaded by destabee
Project 365 for June 3. I took advantage of slightly cooler temperatures and took a walk around Wilson Pond in the Coffee Creek Watershed Preservation.
Since it's June I put away my coats and jackets so my photo for June 1 is my empty dragonfly hook.

June 1 Project 365

My June 2 photo is of one of two raccoons that were outside the observation room at the Nature Center where today's Indiana Master Naturalist training was held (the same place I volunteer).

sum07 070b

More coon photos and a hummingbird that was also around are over there.

I lost so much time on Project 365, I decided to start fresh from June 1.

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