It was the full Moon of the late spring in 1993 when the Goddess spoke to me.
As April turned to May I struggled to finish the final semester of my first year of doctoral studies.
I had been reading and learning about the Goddess path for several weeks.
I knew in my head that I had found the name of the path which I already walked.
Yet the baggage our society places on words like witch, witchcraft, and crone held me back.

Spirituality was far from my mind that warm and glowing night.
I was facing yet another long night of working on papers and feeling very tired.
I decided that a dip in the pool might clear the mental fog.

I walked through the shadow of the apartment building toward the pool.
As I stepped out of the shadow, my eyes fell upon a full moon swollen and golden.
As her light fell upon me, I had the sensation of being wrapped in the most amazing embrace of love and safety.
The sounds and scents of a Southern spring were a magical symphony.

In that moment, the world around me slipped away and time seemed to stand still.
In that moment, the doubts, the fears, the misconceptions were shattered.
In that moment, I knew with every fiber of my being, every thought in my mind and every beat of my heart that I was then and always a child of the Goddess.
In that moment, I knew that no matter the cost my path would be guided by Her.

May 2010



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