This morning I have a pair of white crowned sparrows visiting. :) Sadly, I have not managed a photo -- yet.
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One of my mental road blocks with doing art/craft sorts of things such as collage is that I have trouble doing most things without a specific purpose. more musings about this roadblock )

As I shoveled snow I also dreamed of spring and plants. gardening thoughts )

I am having to fight the urge to go out and about just to see what there is to see. That might require more shoveling. I am not sure if the snow in the driveway is too deep for my car to get out. I shoveled around the car and a walkway for the mail carrier. Some of the drifts were well over my knees but I don't think the driveway is that deep.

<forget to post and go out and about so that the remainder of the post is written a couple of hours later>

I did finish shoveling the drive and tried to the library but they were closed so I made a stop for more food for the birds and squirrels, drove through coffee creek and snapped a few pictures from the driver's seat as the snow was too deep to pull over and stop outside of the lane that had been plowed. One final stop for some fresh multigrain bread and I am home again to find that I missed a call from the rheumatologist regarding the bloodwork so now I am anxiously waiting a call back from them after leaving a message with where and when I can be reached.

One photo of the country club entrance below and more of Coffee Creek here


The photos and the view from my window give a false impression regarding the state of the roads and such; they were surprisingly bad and the lake effect snow seems to be starting so they are likely to get worse not better during the afternoon.
I took many photos but have only process and uploaded a few so far. Here is one of my favorite from the day.

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Photos will eventually make their way here (some already there)

This little guy is too cute.

nap time

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