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Things I wish to increase or maximize:

eating healthy foods
joy and laughter
eating foods from my local foodshed
eating organic foods
support for local craftspeople and artists
the proportion of my purchases that come from independent dealers and local stores
my support for the arts and especially independent music and handcrafts
my connection to those I care about
the amount of civility and graciousness I demonstrate and the amount of beauty and sensuality in my world
involvement in communities of caring, support, and growth
acceptance and understanding
movement and joyful exercise
photography skills
time spent in nature
daily rituals done with mindfulness
ownership of my personal power
active progress ordination
building community and creating a network of close friends (including local ones)
exploring new places
creative expression

Things I wish to decrease or minimize:

my debt load
my ecological footprint
drains on time, energy and health that add no value to my life
the tendency to dabble my toes in life rather than living it fully
the tendency to procrastinate
my tendency for all or nothing thinking
the tendency to be too much of a perfectionist when it comes to myself
fear and self-doubt

Links that can tell you more about me:

My virtual bookshelf

Pictures of my world

About my journal:

This journal is a place for me to put into words my dreams, my doubts, my fears, my frustrations; in short, it is a place for me to record the subjective experience of the events, places, and people in my life. It is an always available place to “share” and capture my news and emotions when there is no one around with whom I can converse. It also a place for me to ponder the universe and the absurdities of life and love as well as a place to theorize/hypothesize about meanings and causalities. It is a place for me to converse with those who have shared interests so sometimes the topics will show a strong bias (usually in an liberal, spiritual and earth conscious direction). It is a way for me to stay in touch with distant friends; as such it won't always be entertaining because my life is not always entertaining.

This electronic space serves as a memory book, a notepad of ideas and things to remember, a creative writing journal, a place to collect and compile information (from food ideas to website links to quotes, etc.), a date book, a medical history, a contact information base, and much more.

My thoughts on LJ friends lists:

With that all said, I'll quote tylerbaby's who's words of wisdom which I found via Mactavish's entry on 9/4 after she saw it quoted in another's journal who saw it . . . (you get the picture). Anyway the wise tylerbaby declared (and I wholeheartedly agree):

"I'm giving everyone out there free leave to add me, subtract me or leave me on their friends list. I will not write emails asking why you took me off. I will not feel obligated to add you back. I will not make a big deal out of this. LJ is important to me but there are a lot of silly politics, so if you don't enjoy reading me, or have been thinking about taking me off but are afraid it will hurt my feelings, go ahead. I would like to only have a friends list of people who are happy to know me and who have love in their heart for me and my family. No hard feelings, I promise, that's why it's called Amnesty. If you find you miss me, you can add me back later and I won't hold residual hurt or grudges, I promise.

So please, take a moment to look at your friends list and make your LJ a place where you feel safe and loved and full of people who bring you joy. I'm going to."

Weather, news, and current events

Northwest Indiana:

The WeatherPixie

News of my recent birding observations:

Interests (137):

40+, 43folders, altar building, alternative lifestyles, anti-consumerism, arthritis, birding, blackmore's night, burning man, buying local, chosen family, co-creating, coffee, commonplace books, communal living, community building, community gardens, community psychology, container gardening, creativity, demeter, digital photography, diy religion, dragonflies, earth-based spirituality, eclectic spirituality, elderwomen, emergency preparedness, ethical nonmonogamy, ethicurean, ethnic foods, farmer's markets, farmers' markets, fiber art, folk arts, folk music, foodways, functional art, gardening, goddess spirituality, goddesses, health at every size, hearth and home, hedge witch, herb gardens, herbalism, herons, homesteading, independent music artists, indian food, information, intentional family, intentional living, interdisciplinary education, judaism, kindred spirits, kissing, kitchen gardens, kitchen witch, lake michigan, learning, liberal theology, libraries, living by the seasons, local food, local foods, localvore, lost arts, macro photography, magical realism, midwest, millionth circle, mindful living, myth systems, native plants, natural disasters, naturalists, nature photography, nature studies, nonfiction books, nonmonogamy, not so big houses, oklahoma, organic food, pansexuality, personal growth, photography, poi, polyamory, practical solutions, progressive politics, pronoia, putting food by, quaker, radical theology, rcgi, religious pluralism, ritual, seasonal cooking, seasons, self-sufficiency, sensual living, sensuality, serendipity, single by choice, slow food, small book stores, small farms, small towns, social activism, social justice, social psychology, sociology, sophia, soul prints, speculative fiction, spirituality, storytelling, sustainability, sustainable hedonism, sustainable living, terroir, tribalism, trying new things, unitarian universalism, urban homesteading, used bookstores, voluntary simplicity, wandering in the woods, wellstone, wheat fields, whole foods, wild edibles, wild foods, women's health, women's spirituality, wti
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