house info:

3 bedrooms (1 lg, 1 md, 1 very small)
Basement is very large but mostly unfinished; it is a walk out basement
I can garden to my hearts content
well water and septic
hookups for washer and dryer (gas)
we will see it on Tuesday
Jan. 15 is target time to have access but might even be later as it needs quite a bit of work
freedom to fix things up as much as we want
1 bathroom
backyard is very nice according to Tom with room for bonfires and a little creek
This interesting question that I shall ponder during the dull moments of today's 4 meetings was posted by Dumb Little Man" Anyone out there care to share their thoughts?

"A genie appears to you and explains that he's going to take care of everything for you for three months. The bills will all be paid, your job will be done expertly, your dependents will be looked after, your house will be kept clean, your goldfish will be fed. For the next three months, you're free. When the three months are up, you have the option of starting a new career, moving to a new city, or even leaving behind friends and family.

The genie has just two conditions:

* You have to try at least one thing you've never done before (but have perhaps always secretly wanted to do) during those three months

* You have to spend the three months doing things that you want to do, rather than things you feel you should do."

I was tagged by [ profile] aumonae for the gratitude meme. Here are the guidelines for participating: For 8 days you have to post something that made you happy that day. Tag a few people to do the same! Yes, that's all! I am not tagging anyone in particular but I would love to see some of you take part because we could all use some more positive thoughts.

Day 1: Today I am grateful that regular classes are over for the semester. I am also grateful for some very nice conversations with specific students and the fact that I joined other "strangers" on the internets to help someone save their farm (at least for now) -- it is nice to see people helping one another.
Can someone explain to me why many/most (?) organizations have a level on the organizational chart where lapel pins become an expected accessory?

I will soon be spending much of my work life in the company of those who wear them. I even worry that someone is going to hand me one to wear soon. Quite frankly I just don't get them. Noticing such pins on the Dean, the VCAAs, and the Red Cross Executive Director in the last few days has me pondering their meaning. These were all organization pins as opposed to flag pins.

I keep coming back to WHY and exactly what are they supposed to signal.

Out of 20

Dec. 9th, 2008 12:35 pm
number of students in danger of getting a D or F in my morning Intro class: 10
number of students who showed up for the review session for the final exam: 2
number of students who have even started the final set of assignments that are due next week: 4 (2 of those already have an A in the course)
Not my style and I am not very happy with it but here is my wreath for the festival of trees auction. The photos helped me notice a couple of adjustments that I want to make but hopefully it is okay. Between shopping and wiring it took several hours and my place and my person are not covered in glitter.

Iffy weather + not knowing where I would be going other than that it is in a major shopping area = not spending 8 hours with 600 other people at a forum on the future of northwest Indiana. Instead work and chores at home. After two 3.5 hour meetings yesterday this is a relief.

Between my spring classes ending and my summer classes starting, I want to go on a vacation. The focus of the trip will be photography and birding. I would like to be far enough north/south/west of here that the species would be substantially different from those I know. Ideally I would prefer to stay someplace rural or at a park/nature preserve where there interesting critters and plants are just outside my door. Other than nature, an area that is home to lots of artists would be a plus. I initially considered Yellowstone but the timing iffy for a trip there.

This post is a place to tuck the possibilities as I find them. I would love to have additional suggestions.

Some place in the Florida keys

You nearly slide off the road into someone from work who as already slipped into a ditch and you are still more than 10 miles from campus. This after meeting another person from work who has turned around and after coming across first person in ditch. ICY is the only way to describe the drive today. I came closer to an accident than anytime in the last 10 years.

Now I am off to inflict the pain of an exam on students.

Seed head

Nov. 29th, 2008 06:46 pm

Seed head
Originally uploaded by destabee
This is one of the photos from my wandering yesterday. Granted it is more interesting in larger sizes. Those can be viewed by clicking the photo.
Happy birthday to [ profile] razzle and [ profile] sacredchao. I hope you both have a fabulous year.
I find it sad that people seem so shocked when you do some very little good deed. I need to do my part to change that by looking for more chances to pay it forward.
I intended to go to the office this today. I had planned to treat myself to a walk at Red Mill park first. It was so nice that I couldn't force myself to be indoors. Instead I spent the afternoon wandering in various bits of woods. There are a few photos, a sunburn on my cheeks, and some sore muscles to show for my Black Friday. I haven't been spending nearly enough time walking in semi-wild or wild places.
Thank you all for the birthday greetings. You have helped make it a wonderful day. The meeting went well. Details later -- well maybe tomorrow if I don't have too much of a buzz ;)
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Same as before leave me a comment if you see something you would like. I'll be putting up more books/cds and such in a day or two.

John Denver Definitive All-time Greatest Hits
Deep Forest (Deep Forest)
Bossa Nova (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Hearts Gone Wild (Katy Moffatt)
Common Ground Voices of Modern Irish Music
Let's Talk About Love (Celine Dion)
30 Years of #1 Hits (various country artists)
Knockout (Candye Kane)
Basic Jazz (various artists)
Twentysomething (Jamie Cullum)
The Very Best of Judy Collins
Coro (Coro)
Ultimate Divas (various artists)
Voice of the Feminine Spirit (Cecilia)

VH1 Divas Live
Ken Burns Jazz Louis Armstrong (music from the PBS special Jazz)
Size Isn't Everything (Beegees)
Close to the Floor (Ashley MacIsaac)
Flesh & Bones (Pagan Saints)
Brothers from Different Mothers (Hokus Pick)
The Very Best of Aretha Franklin
Prophecies (Dik Darnell and Seven Halpern)
Masters of Horror (various artists)
Leave me a comment if you are interested in any of them. Yep I know it is a strange mix  )
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