Nov. 15th, 2008

Thanks to all of you who shared your contact information over here so that I could work on rebuilding my contact files. If you haven't left the info, I would still love to have it.

I also wondered if the folks who have done the wish list meme or have wish lists in other places, could point me toward them in the comments here.

Why? First, it is a great way to learn more about all of you and second, I might be able to fulfill some wishes and that would make me happy. If you don't have a wish list but want to share information about favorite colors, totems, treats, authors, those are welcome too.

I am also gathering another pile of books, CDs, and tarot/oracle card decks that are in need of a new home so stay tuned for an adoption frenzy starting later this weekend.

The only word to describe the weather here today is BLECH -- gray, drizzling, temps in the low 40s and winds around 20 mph with higher gusts. Fortunately I don't have to venture back out into it. I was out earlier to pick up prescriptions and groceries. Before coming back in I filled the bird feeders and gave them fresh water. Now I am cloistered at home for a day of chores, football. and whatever strikes my fancy (maybe baking, maybe crafts, maybe some reading).

The weather may be icky but I feel very content today. I feel like my network of campus coworkers who are also friends is growing. I now have some sushi partners and a decent place to eat sushi (decent for Indiana at least). Last night I went to dinner with one of those folks and have plans to go back with some others when we can get our schedule together. CT from the Red Cross also referred to me as a friend this week and we hope to make some plans to do not Red Cross things sometime soon.

My mood is also helped by the end of the semester being in sight and the probability that I will be moving into the new work position in January which will give me a break from teaching introduction to sociology and statistics. In fact it is likely that the one class to teach in the spring will be my one of my two favorite courses to teach.

Now I think I'll start some spices simmering to make the house smell good and put fresh linens on the bed -- such excitement is hard to handle ;)

Hmm, I just look down and noticed that I have a very dark bruise on the inside of my forearm/elbow. You would think I would remember how I ended up with a bruise that the size of grapefruit but I don't -- strange -- maybe it was the aliens. :)

For the record, being alone on a cold afternoon when the power goes out is both chilly and boring. It was too dark in the house do much of anything and chilly enough that a blanket was a good thing. With company it would have been a great opportunity for some snuggling. Thankfully the power is obviously back.

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