Nov. 5th, 2008

My contact file seems to be corrupted. If I have ever had your contact information or you are willing to let me have it for possible mail surprises, please comment on this post. Comments will be screened.

There is a phrase from The Fifth Sacred Thing that keeps coming to mind today "there is a place at the table for those who wish to join us." I try to live my life with an open place at the table. Taking the place at "my" table does not require that one agree with me or share a particular view. The place at the table is open to all who would sit in willingness to seek to common ground in the spaces that divide us. The place at the table is open for those that will start with the assumption that the others at the table mean no harm. Ballot issues aside, for the first time since 2000 I can feel like I am living in a country where there might be a place for my views at the table. I rejoice in the fact that it appears that the place for me won't require forcing others away from the table. I hope that the next administration can lead in such a way that the intolerance behind a number of ballot initiatives will shrink rather than grow.

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