Sep. 4th, 2008

A mosaic of green and herbal scents create a symphony of aroma that is punctuated by notes of sweet, spice, and citrus. Underneath it all is the rich loamy smell of damp earth and damp wood. The scent of soil and decking ground and deepen the scent of plants so much that you can almost taste the air.

After several hours of steady but gentle rain late summer rain, this is how my deck garden smells. I wish it were possible to save this bouquet until some cold and gray March day. As wonderful as the experience is now, I can only imagine the ecstasy of savoring the fragrance and memory by wrapping it myself in like a favorite blanket while listening to winter winds howl.

*Some might say that green is not a smell but I do disagree. It is the smell of winter wheat fields in the early spring and freshly cut grass. It is the smell of leaves after a summer thunderstorm. It is the smell of fresh peas and just picked picked string beans. For me it is one of the fundamental smells of life.
This is why my house now smell like fresh baked 7 grain bread and a tasty pan of gingerbread with caramelized pears (think a layer of pears like the layer of pineapple in a pineapple upside down cake).

Since I couldn't really call a slice of each dinner I added a salad of fresh cherry tomatoes halves and cucumber slices; both were from my own little garden.

Other procrastination efforts have involved grocery shopping, dishes, laundry, and cleaning floors. Working on campus is less productive than it should be because of interruptions. Working at home isn't as productive as it should be because of all the things I can do instead of working. It looks like it is time to starting spending weekends in my office when almost no one else is around.
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