Jul. 10th, 2008

Orlando -- I just saw a call for proposals for a conference in Orlando the week of Jan. 20. January cold in Indiana comfortable in Florida. People I love in Orlando who I don't see nearly enough if at all. I think I need to go to that conference. Now I just need to submit something so that part of the expenses will be covered.

I have spent most of the morning uploading course content which takes far longer than it should thanks to the clunky nature of Blackboard Vista.

Preserving food -- I have been drying herbs like crazy since arriving home. Soon I will switch to drying the cherries I just pitted.

State of mind -- The sticker they give you at Anderson Japanese Gardens to show that you have paid the admission fee has the Japanese characters that translate to "In this moment, I am content." So they tell me at least; I don't know Japanese so I'll take there word for it. This statement captures my mood today; this was especially true as I stood at the sink feeling the breeze through the open window, hearing the birds, thinking about my garden, smelling the basil drying and the cherries I was pitting, feeling the texture of the cherries as I held them, knowing I was on top of my teaching and feel generally competent, valued, and likable -- life was good.

Things I want to investigate: things to plant now in Indiana, what is in season and how I can preserve it, uses for feverfew
Places I want to explore: local thrift store and antique shops
Things on my wish list: freezer and bike are still there, food processor, cast iron cookware, fiestaware dishes, salvaged material to try my hand at quilting, pressure canner
I was just contacted by a reporter asking to interview me. She wants to talk to me about my interest in local foods and found me via my blog. I have to think about my answer. Would you do it if you were me?

Is there a way to search your LJ archived posts for a specific word? I know I wrote a book review of Paul Nabhan's book while on a train from Fayetteville to someplace. Looking through old posts one by one has reminded be what an awful year 2003 was but not turned up the post I want.

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