Jun. 11th, 2008

Which discipline is most pure?


Just another way I am perverted ;)
Mrs. Meyer's rhubarb cleaning products. Sadly the rhubarb line seems to be available only as a limited run Spring Cleaning Kit. That is a shame because I like the scent. This is especially true of the dish washing soap. I have been using Mrs. Meyer's for a few months and like the products. For most things, I use and like the lavender scent; this includes laundry products and hand soap.

I like the performance of the dish washing soap; in fact it is the first product to please me as much as Dawn. However, I haven't been thrilled with either the geranium scent (I didn't like it at all) or the lavender (it just doesn't clean enough smelling for dishes). I haven't tried the lemon verbena because it didn't pass the sniff test at the store. I wish there was a mint or citrus scent. The rhubarb is the best option I have found for dish soap. I hope the grocery store still has some of the cleaning kits in stock next time I shop.

As for the performance of the products my only criticism so far is that when it comes to laundry whites might not stay quite as white with Mrs. Meyer's as they did with Tide but the trade off is worth it. I can solve the white issue in a variety of ways. I should note that I don't have heavily soiled laundry so results might differ for those with children or jobs that are dirtier than gardening.

Do I have to give back my "girl club" membership card if want one of these more than I want clothes, shoes, jewelry, flowers, perfume, or a massage? Well maybe not a massage but I want the Gecko level.

On a much more somber note. The news out of Iowa and Nebraska is not good, especially the boy scout camps deaths.

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