Jun. 10th, 2008

I am declaring day two of summer session finished. As of 4:30 all emails have been answered, all submitted activities have been graded, and no student has done everything that is available so opening the next module can wait until tomorrow. I have changed how I teach online without really planning to; I am not sure how to describe the change other than to say it has a more personal tone. I am working hard at creating a web of interaction between me and the students, between the students, and with the material. I am not sure how is will be received by the students but live and learn. The students seem to be calming down and the questions are becoming more specific which is good. I hope by the end of the week things will settle into a routine. Darn I lied. I ended up going back and doing more work.

Lunch was a yummy mostly home grown salad that I wrote about for my second One Local Summer meal. Not much to talk about except teaching and lunch. The weather is nicer than it has been in several days and other than the deck which I consider part of my living space, I haven't left the house. Other than work and a bit of tending to plants while picking lunch, I have paid a couple of mid month bills and balanced my Quicken accounts. So much excitement ;)

Out of curiosity has anyone noticed a change in the time it takes them to receive Amazon orders? I have Amazon prime and until my last order (a month or so ago) the website would tell me my package would arrive in two days unless I ordered on Friday or Saturday. Usually I would actually receive the package the next day. My last order took over a week to arrive and the one I had to place today, show estimated delivery isn't until the 17th for an in stock item.

Let's see if I can find something more interesting in my RSS feeds:

I found [livejournal.com profile] this entry by Sharon at Casaubon's Book interesting and added it to the file of things to think about as I develop the course on communities. The course needs a name -- a better name than Sociology of Communities. snnnnzzzzzzzzz! Along with the entry "16 Households Make a Community" over on FoodShed Planet and various conversations have me pondering the meaning of community. It seems that I am not the only one. Green Bean Dreams is talking about them too. There are partially formed communities in my life if you don't require geographical proximity. There are people with whom I share histories that are interwoven if not fully shared. ChR and J as well as J&D are connected by more than workplace. The ties are such that they would remain even if we weren't all employed at the same place. I am not sure how well they would stand the test of long distance. There are a couple of tiny sprouts of community connected to the local foods network. While I value all of these things, they aren't exactly the the sort of interdependent networks that fit most definitions of community.

On a completely unrelated note: I want these to use instead of plastic bags when I buy bulk items. Of course, if I found the fabric I could make my own. After all I own two sewing machines and a serger.
While being a domestic goddess, I could find an excuse to cook Pistachio Cardamom Brownies.

Time to go sit on the deck and NOT keep checking in on the students.

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