Jun. 6th, 2008

I am being less than voluntarily green today. I would like very much to turn on the air conditioning. At 8:30 the house is unpleasantly hot and muggy. I don't have to battle with myself about the environmental irresponsibility of running the because the landlord hasn't put it in yet. Fortunately things are supposed to cool back off a bit after today. In other non-earth friendly happenings, I have declared war on the giant ants that invade in the summer. I have liberally coated the floor with safe for humans (supposedly) ant killer. I will sweep/vacuum most of it up this evening. I will share my space with bugs as long as they don't break the cardinal rules -- no crawl on me and don't bite me. These ants are violating the first rule.

To avoid the ants and the heat I am off to Valpo to: see the doctor, have my fuel emission test (for the car not me), pick up some top soil to hill up the potatoes, get my Valpo library card, buy coffee, and anything else I can think of to avoid being at home during the warmest part of the day and to consolidate trips to Valpo. The birds would also like me to get more bird seed; we shall see. The squirrels they want me to fill the peanut feeder. Tomorrow Farmer's Market and cooking my official One Local Summer meal for the week. The rest of the weekend house work and class prep.


Jun. 6th, 2008 09:11 pm
  • Things are going well so I don't have to see the rheumatologist for a year rather than in six months. I have to have some blood work done just to be on the safe side but in her words for now I seem to be on autopilot.
  • My car passed it's emissions test.
  • I found a more convenient source of local eggs at Au Natural Food store in Valpo. As a bonus, I can return the empty cartons for reuse.
  • I started some more sprouts last night and they are all ready sprouting. Much faster than the last batch when temperatures were much cooler.
  • My spoiled feather friends have been taken care of and the feeders are replenished.
  • I forgot to go to the library in Valpo but that turned out to be a good thing because
  • . . . I made it home minutes before the sky opened in downpour accompanied by much thunder and lightening.
  • Tomorrow is farmer's market day. It looks like Valpo is on the schedule for this week as it will give me the chance to go to the library which is just across the street and go renew my car tags. Heck maybe, I'll even manage to get my Indiana license after nearly 2 years. *bad destabee no cookie for you*
  • have a feeling my summer classes are going to keep me very busy. We don't even start until Monday, and I have received 11 emails this morning with questions, problems, concerns, etc.
  • An unexpected gift in the mail. [livejournal.com profile] serolynne sent me a lovely piece of pottery and a scarf. Little did she know that would arrive on a day when I had to force myself not to shop for things for an altar I am planning. Both of her gifts have just the right feel for what I have in mind. Thank you [livejournal.com profile] serolynne
  • I have found divine bread pudding from Marilyn's
Naming a camp ground Manlove Park could lead to some very interesting expectations or misperceptions.

This found while looking for places to stay when I go visit [livejournal.com profile] sacredchao.

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