May. 28th, 2008

Sheer Post-It Notes . . . . .oh, the possibilities.

For example, over at Unclutterer they are suggested as a way to write in books that do not belong to you. I can imagine ways they would be useful in grading.
  • The fact that several people on my FL become excited over office products makes me happy.
  • The time to realize you feel like crap is before you create chaos in an attempt to simultaneously reorganize and rearrange three of the five rooms in your apartment. I expect the landlord will show up wanting to install the air conditioners now that I have created a giant mess. On the upside, I have made a space for a freezer should I have the opportunity to acquire one. When I am finished I will have a better space for working at home this summer and my storage will be better organized (e.g., all the camping stuff together, the holiday decorations more out of the way)
  • I have far too much junk. Sadly this is after many rounds of tossing and giving away stuff. I see the fact that it fills me with disgust as a good sign.
  • I am enjoying my summer of simplicity. I seldom leave the house. There are two or three trips to campus or to meet with ChR each week. I combine those with stops at the library, gym, grocery store or any other errand I need to run. Thinking very carefully about each mile I drive and each dollar I spend is becoming second nature. The rest of my time alternates between work, household chores and organization efforts, playing in my garden, reading, writing, and simply sitting on the deck watching birds, bees and the occasional butterfly. It feels right.
  • I finished Forty Signs of Rain. The first 3/4 of the book could be used to illustrate the concept of "tedious." The last 1/4 was interesting enough to feel that checking out the second book in the series is worth my time. The only thing that pushed me through the first parts of the book was that I was intrigued by a book set in the world of academic researchers and the National Science Foundation.
Interesting tool for comparing the cost of renting versus buying.

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