May. 26th, 2008

Several photos behind the cut (not dial up friendly) and even more over on flickr. I started adding notes to the flickr photos to indicate what is what but have a long way to go to do that for all of them. I should mention that not everything will have the chance to grow to maturity (e.g., onions and kale) as I harvest them before they are mature (e.g., green onions and baby kale leaves) either because they won't tolerate the heat that will eventually arrive or because I prefer the immature version.

Bok choy:

Bok Choy

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Lunch: salad with lettuce, bok choy leaves, kale leaves, parsley, violet leaves, a green onion, baby spinach, thyme, chives, and sprouts that I grew myself topped with local cheese, a hardboiled egg, and sunflower seeds (no local). Using violet leaves is a first for me. They are tasty but not much different from lettuce in taste. The texture is a bit firmer; I think they would be good in summer rolls. The kale I like better cooked lightly than raw. I need to figure out some easy salad dressings.

All in all: tasty and most satisfying if a bit lacking in any color except green.
It was a lovely day and I spent some time sitting on the deck watching birds. Among those birds visiting or flying over my yard were:

at least two chipping sparrows
common starlings
mourning dove
pair of cardinals
pair of goldfinches
black-capped chickadee
house sparrows
white-breasted nuthatch
American robin
female ruby-throated hummingbird
American crow (flyover)
Ring-billed gull (flyover)
Blue Jay
and a mystery bird which was both a yard and life list addition (once I identified it)
  • Soft grey all over with a darker crest
  • Reminds me of the shape of a scissor-tailed flycatcher’s body though with a much, much shorter tail
  • Relatively long tail and legs which are dark
  • black eye and slender dark beak
  • Not a mockingbird but similar

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