May. 25th, 2008

I am almost maxed out on what I can do in terms of gardening for now: I don't know if I have ever described where I garden.

The deck: My garden is located in zone 5a. Part of what I am growing is an experiment to learn more about gardening this far north. Because I rent the vast majority of my gardening must be done in containers. All but half a dozen or so of these containers hold 2.5 gallons or more of soil. With the exception of potatoes, all of my gardening is done on a deck that is roughly 25 ft X 10 feet.

I have containers two and three deep around most of the edge of the deck surface. The deck also serves as an extension of my living space and holds two chairs and a bench which are nestled in among the plants. The deck is 3 steps up from ground level and I have another row of containers along the front edge of the deck. I also have pots sitting on the deck railing which is about 6 inches wide. The deck is located on the eastern side of the duplex where I live and is shaded somewhat by a large pine tree to the south.

I spent today moving some things around and planting/transplanting. To take a tour of my garden behind the cut. I may have missed a few things tucked into corners of other pots but this is fairly complete listing of what I have growing. Read more... )

So far the harvest had consisted of some lettuce, a few green onions, some spinach and kale leaves, and herbs. My first strawberry is turning red but it will be some time before there is anything else new ready to eat. Too bad maple seeds are not edible. I am being buried in those.

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