May. 18th, 2008

What happens to your card and transaction if the power goes out or a the software malfunctions in the middle of an ATM transaction. In my dream I was torn between standing there waiting in case the machine spit out the cash and card and leaving a possibly unsafe situation. I don't remember why the situation felt unsafe just the screen with an error message and the other person in line.

Not sure what my Sunday holds. Windy, chilly, and allergies making life uncomfortable so probably not wandering in the woods or gardening -- maybe housework and purging in addition to course building. A combination of things have left me in a place where I have to justify to myself driving even short distances. More so this week since I know I will be driving to Lafayette next weekend. I am going to take advantage of being down their for E's graduation party to buy groceries at a more reasonably priced grocery store.

I wonder if some sort of a French Toast casserole would freeze well. Bake it, cut it in to individual servings and freeze. I know quiche works well this way; I need to bake and freeze some quiche as various veggies come into season. I am not a breakfast person but this morning I am hungry for breakfast but not particularly interested in make one from scratch for just myself.

I am rambling so I should shut up now.
how many can you identify (odd and unusual kitchen utensil quiz).

I hereby turn in my foodie card because my score was only 8/20. *hangs head in shame*

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