May. 14th, 2008

This morning I have a pair of white crowned sparrows visiting. :) Sadly, I have not managed a photo -- yet.
I hope today is a sign of what summer will be. It was a good day. The only downside was that the editor for the publishing company had to postpone our meeting but on the upside that meant I could work from home today.

The things that made today pleasant.

I woke up naturally by a little after seven.

I spent the morning and early part of the afternoon building my summer courses; course design is one of my favorite aspects of teaching. I even learned how to do a couple of new things in the course management software. I have lots more to do but I reached saturation point about 2:30. The nature of the work requires a mini-break every 60-90 minutes. Those breaks gave me a chance to look out the window, do some dishes, start a load of laundry, sweep the bathroom, start sprouts, fill and hang an oriole feeder.

Despite the wet and chilly weather it was a good bird day. My casual glances out the window netted two additions to my yard list. First there were the white crowned sparrows I have already mentioned; this was only my second sighting for this kind of bird so a very nice treat. They were around again this afternoon when I looked up and an odd amount of white caught my eye. This time it was a set of three rose-breasted grosbeaks; they are a double thrill as they are new additions to both my yard and my life list. Other visitors were the more usual--pair of cardinals, a downy woodpecker, robins, a pair of gold finches, house sparrows, hairy woodpecker, mourning doves.

This afternoon I decided to give the Second Life software another try and IT WORKED. Now I just need to figure out how to do more than wander around aimlessly.

Dinner brings another treat. I was able to pick enough lettuce and a few herbs for a salad. Not a tiny little bite of salad but a salad that represents the main part of dinner. *silly grin*

To put a bow on top of everything the rain has moved on and the sky are a glorious blue as sunset approaches.

All that and there is still time for more goodness before I crawl between fresh sheets to finish re-reading The Fifth Sacred Thing.

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