May. 3rd, 2008

There is something morning after a strong but not destructive storm that I really like. The air feels clean. There is an energy that is humbling, grateful, and energized. The world feels fresh in a very unique way. This morning feels that way.

The long range forecast includes this "Cold with a mix of snow and rain." I know it is likely to change but still not what I like to see for May 11.


May. 3rd, 2008 11:36 am
Despite having farmer's market envy when I compared to [ profile] razzle, I am having a very good day. Details and even photos *gasp* later. Good luck to all of you in the cross hairs for severe weather today.
I woke up feeling amazingly centered and calm. Somehow knowing that many options are off the table for summer has lead to a peaceful feeling. I am looking forward to a simple summer of teaching my online classes, tending my plants, improving my fitness, and living a quiet life.

This morning was sunny if breezy and a bit cool. I headed off to the Valpo farmers market which didn't amount to much today,.There were only four vendors in Valpo. Three of the four had only a few plants each and the fourth was selling pirogies. I did bought lettuce plants ($1 for a four pack) that I can start harvesting this week and 3 kinds of heirloom tomato plants at $1 each (black pineapple, Mr. Stripey, and striped stuffer. I also left my name with the acting Market Master in case they can use some volunteers. Helping out at the market seems a good way to meet people and possibly get some good deals on produce for storage.

While the market was disappointing the rest of the trip was delightful. I took the back roads there and realized that in doing so I pass three places to wander. On the way back I stopped at the most colorful of the three, Ogden Gardens. It had been far too long since I wander with camera. I spent an hour or so soaking up spring. It was too windy to get crisp photos but I ended up with a few that are still worth putting on flickr. Blissful and joyful are the only ways to describe the feeling of sunshine, flowers, birds, and a camera in my hands.

I spent a little bit gardening before the temperature dropped and the drizzle started. Tomorrow is forecast to be sunny and I hope to do more planting and some cleaning of the in ground beds.

A few photos from the day behind the cut. I really wish the second one was sharper; the leaves in it are less than an inch long today. If the weather is nice on Tuesday, I plan to spend some more time exploring the gardens when go to Valpo to give an exam. Read more... )

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