May. 2nd, 2008

I just paid bills for the month and worked out summer finances and there is no way I am going home unless I find a winning lottery ticket on the street. My check on April 30 is the last full check I get until Sept. 30. It is going to be a very long summer.

Edited to add: I am going to look at this as a chance to practice living more lightly on the Earth. I started the process of cutting extras right after I originally made this post.
One of my Australia photos is being used by Schmap Australia. It is the one below from the Eumundi market. I can't say that I think it is a particularly good photo but it was still nice to be asked and have it used.

sum07 577b

Things here are nothing like they are in the southeast but a tornado headed this general direction. It looks like it will pass just east of Chesterton -- I hope. Should I be blogging right now? No but I hate being alone in severe weather -- not that it seems all that severe at the moment and typing this makes me feel less alone. I wish I had a basement or at least an inside room at times like this. I need to ask ChR if I can head to her place when things are bad and conditions make it possible. The wind and rain are picking up.

I do have my grab and go bag and a lantern sitting beside me handy and some pillows tossed in a pile in the closet off the hall just in case. After the storms in Oklahoma and the hurricanes in Louisiana and Florida it is hard to treat the ones here with the respect they probably deserve.

Edited to add: I looks like the storms missed home; not sure about campus yet.

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