May. 1st, 2008

Beltane blessings to those of you who mark this day. Unless drinks with ChR and J count as a celebration, it will be another holiday unobserved for me.

Hopefully, I'll manage some gardening and a garden related post this weekend.

What is going on in the world of destabee

  • Spring continues to explode. Still no photos to capture the explosion.
  • My office looks like a bomb exploded.
  • Gasoline has passed $3.80 locally.
  • My tomato plants survived the cold temperatures and my onions are sprouting.
  • My bird feeders are quiet because I need to buy feed.
  • My hummingbird feeder is ready and waiting for its first visitors.
  • Students continue to whine and campus technology continues to fail at inconvenient times.
  • My Indiana voter registration has arrived but unless something convinces me otherwise by Tuesday; I won't be voting in the primary as I can't actually support either candidate over the other. I will vote against the other party in the fall.
  • Colleagues are as stressed and frantic as me which makes for some odd conversations.

  • Busy couple of weeks ahead: )

Note to self: Create a celebratory icon to use for posts when something from the 101 in 1001 list is completed (or substantial progress is made).

Planted this evening: 2 more thyme plants, 8 more tomato plants (4 roma and 4 sweet 100s), 2 lavender plants, a chocolate mint, a blue salvia, a marjoram plant

Sprouting: many of the things I planted last week

Edited to add: My gardening itch wasn't satisfied so I went back out and planted seeds for three kinds of summer squash, pumpkins (the little kind), a mixed blend of melon seeds, two kinds of cucumbers, beans, basil, and eggplants

I also signed up for the Eat Local Challenge for this summer. This is another one of my 101 in 1001 goals. On the subject of local foods, the Valpo farmer's market starts this weekend. :)

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