Apr. 22nd, 2008

One of the things I want to do this summer is to try and sort through the information about peak oil and global warming and get a clearer idea of what I personally believe and why. I want to get as many reasonable view points as possible. Reasonable is of course subjective -- but for me it means based on scientific evidence that has been subjected to the scrutiny of the relevant body of experts. At this point my view is that things are bad, very bad, and much worse than mainstream media suggests.

One take on the situation can be found in today's entry on Casaubon's Book.

I think of myself as more optimist than pessimist but still my doubts about the future are serious enough to wonder if the entire approach to higher education is a disservice to students and to society. The ideas about this are all muddled up in my mind. Hopefully more carefully considering the evidence and hopefully engaging in thoughtful conversations about these matters will help me clarify them.

I was thinking about this topic and then among the messages in my email box was a link to a story about the drought in Australia and how it affects world rice supply.

One first hand bit of information: In the town where I live gas prices have jumped .25 since Saturday.
On campus today a chipmunk ran toward me, stopped maybe 3 feet away and stood still (well as still as chipmunks ever get) looking at me for several seconds.

On the drive home, lots of male red-winged blackbirds displaying their colors.

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