Apr. 6th, 2008

Some time back someone on my FL recommended Ecotopia. I started reading the prequel to it and to the person making the recommendation THANK YOU! This is going to be one of the old friend books. I have a small collection of fiction books that I read multiple times.

Yesterday's yard work resulted in not only tiredness but soreness as well. Both were the good kinds.

I did not venture off to the Friends meeting this morning. I am feeling the need to be a hermit so meeting new folks was too much of a stretch.

At this point, I think I'll put buying pansies off for a few days in favor of being a hermit. This is made possible thanks to the goodness of online renewal of library books.

Depending on how work goes today there may be more book adoptions posted this afternoon.

Speaking of adoptions, I have a number of CDs of classical/symphony music. Would anyone care to give them a home?

A friend of mine if Orlando is working toward the opening of a coffee house. Alisha is a wonderful person and I encourage Florida folks to pay her a visit once she opens (in the meantime you can order coffee online from her. The childfree among you might want to plan your visits for during the school day as Alisha means the place to be family friendly; she also plans to have WiFi.

an interview with more about her vision

Until the shop opens you can order beans from her via her website which will also keep you posted as to the opening of the shop.

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