Apr. 5th, 2008

It is not yet noon on the first warm (I even have a couple of windows open *gleeful squeal*, sunny day of spring and I already have a sunburn. (Note to self: you know better than to work in the yard without sunscreen.)

Yesterday was not a good day and there was really no reason for the mood I was in. Thankfully the worst of it had passed by morning thanks to some escapism through reading and a good night's sleep. The rest of the devil I am driving out through exhaustion therapy. This morning I started the beans that I soaked over night for dinner and restock the freezer. I have another batch soaking to make chili for the freezer. After that I headed outdoors to clear the fallen branches and rake the area around the bird feeders and along the flower bed. That led to digging out the ugly whiskey half-barrel and breaking it apart to put in the trash. I emptied a few of last years containers and cut back the stems from the last year's pineapple sage, lavender and such. I emptied the least used bird feeders. Somehow all of that led to straightening the storage shed and adding a few more things to the back seat full of things to drop off at the thrift store. Raking near one of the feeders led me to discover a brick border to the beds around the deck. I had no idea it was there buried under ivy, leaves, and the invasive sort of orange daily lily. Once I discovered it bricks, I of course felt compelled to work on clearing the mess in the bed they bordered. I have to go back out and bag up the piles of stuff later but needed a break.

My plans for the day also include putting away the six month's worth of pantry goods from my Thursday evening trip to Apple Valley Market. Besides all the staple things (e.g., several kinds of beans and rice, cornmeal, organic popcorn, and such), I once again have the sinfully good black fig vinegar that I have written about before, I picked up cranberry and pomegranate balsamic all from Cuisine Perel. Before/as I put the new stuff away I am checking the dates/taking inventory of what was left in the cabinets. Let me tell you, I have some strange stuff. Some might even conclude that I have a condiment /sauce fetish.

I need to do the usual sorts of weekend chores as well (e.g. laundry, change bed linens, clean floors, etc.) and I want to get a bunch of grading and need to write a lecture for Monday's stats class. My goal is to do enough today that I can take care of some neglected parts of me tomorrow. I am tentatively planning to attend the Friends meeting in Valpo tomorrow and while over there I plan to stop and buy pansies and fresh soil my planter.

Well time to get back to the exhaustion therapy.

I hope all of you are having a wonderful weekend.

Oh, I just checked my email and sad news -- the Thai place here is closing and I have my doubts that the Indian place is going to make it long term. Every time I go in they have cut back in some way and it has become a disappointing experience. Looks like the not a recession is taking its toll on my little town :(
The goldfinches are once again yellow. *happy dance*

A house finch has been singing like made in the tree outside my door.

The house smells fresh thanks to open windows.

Both yellow and purple crocuses are blooming.

Trees are budding.

Daylilies, tulips, and daffodils leaves are up.

and on a less happy note there is the aforementioned sunburn

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