Mar. 24th, 2008

Sorry about the mixed metaphors and the less than developed stream of consciousness but I keep meaning the think/write more about this then forgetting.

[ profile] mactavish posted a link to a discussion of introvert responses to a six hour meeting about Meyer's Briggs. It reminded me of something I have noticed about myself and being on a small campus versus large campus. As much as I generally like it here, I do find it much more exhausting to be on this campus than on the huge UCF campus.

It seemed illogical at first but slowly I figured out that it is because UCF was so big I was largely invisible. I taught my classes and I hid in my office the rest of the time. When people interacted with me they, with few exceptions, interacted me as Dr. K not as a real person. Here on a very small campus you can't hide in the crowd. You must always be ready for interactions. People get to know you as a person not just a role which means that interactions can involve figuring out which hat to wear/role to play. You are also expected to know and interact with others as people not just in terms of roles.

A small campus also means that information flows are less targeted and as a result the input stream that must be processed is much broader. All of that data processing must happen in much less time. I would estimate that most weeks between 70 and 80 percent of my on campus time must be spent in extrovert mode. It is a small wonder that I leave campus exhausted and barely feel that I have a chance to rest on weekends.

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