Mar. 19th, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, [ profile] sacredchao pointed me toward Sharon Astyk's blog. Having read every single post while sick, I highly recommend it. She has a post today that discusses the possibility of seed and wheat shortages. I know some of you garden, bake, or are taking steps to be more prepared for an uncertain future. Have any of you started encountering the types of probles she talks about with not being able to find or being told there are limits to the amount of seed or flour you can buy?
Times that my computer has locked up=5 that I remember
Revisions to curriculum documents=4
Student who stopped by to complain and whine= 3
Number of students who showed up for methods =2
Headache the size of Montana = 1
The amount of energy and patience I have left = 0

Things I should still do today = too many to think about
In follow up to my post earlier today, I was trying to track down more information on the possibility of wheat and seed shortages. Here are links to some of what I have found.

Times Online Feb. 24, 2008

Sunday Herald from March 20, 2008 Mar. 10, 2008

statement from the folks at King Arthur Flour regarding price increases

Nation's Restaurant News

Commercial, Mar 6 2008

"A deputy provost at the University of New Mexico has determined that no ethics review is needed of a professor who posed with a graduate student on a sadomasochism Web site, the Albuquerque Journal reported. Some faculty members had demanded an investigation, saying that they were not objecting to the professor’s decision to pose for the site, but her decision to do so with a graduate student. But the administrative inquiry, while finding “poor judgment” by the professor, found that no university funds or equipment were used, and that the graduate student participation was entirely voluntary, and so there were not grounds for further review."
According to the National Weather Service "Snow is expected to overspread the area after midnight Thursday night and continue through the day Friday before diminishing early Friday evening. There is a potential for storm total snowfall accumulations of around 6 inches from late Thursday night through early Friday evening... with a potential for some higher amounts."

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