Mar. 11th, 2008

The desire for fresh, crispy, juicy, succulent produce is out of control today. Sure I could go to the grocery store and buy a sad organic apple picked months ago and shipped from who knows where. I could even buy sort of in season oranges from California or Texas but I would be disappointed.

I want produce that is local and fresh . . . . but I have a few months to go before that is available. There are some winter markets in the Chicago area this weekend where I could get some green house grown greens but somehow driving 150 miles (round trip) to buy local produce doesn't seem right either.

I have some tomato puree that I froze last summer. Maybe a soup made from it will help the craving.

Common spring; the welcome mat is out for you and all the pleasures you bring: birds singing (actually that has started), spring flowers, strawberries, fresh greens, fresh goat cheese, farmer's markets, butterflies and dragonflies.

Another reason to plan a trip south for my spring break next year is fresh produce. Just want to give you folks in Florida a heads up that I am planning an invasion for this time next year.

I started watching Kitchen Confidential from netflix. Foodie porn, smart jokes, and reliving days in a professional kitchen -- a very combination. The "Rabbit Test" episode has me laughing out loud which is unusual. The shots of the bunny are so cute and the "vegan slayer" comment was great.

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