Feb. 27th, 2008

It is a snow day. Unfortunately it wasn't announced until I was up and dressed. Given that I didn't sleep at all last night, I think I'll work for a couple of hours and then crawl into bed for a bit. What it took to close campus -- 18 inches since Monday night and still snowing.

We are supposed to have a job candidate arrive tonight. Things are going to be more than a little disorganized since we are not able to meet today to finalize schedules and escort responsibilities.

I like snow but I will admit I am ready for winter to turn to spring. Unfortunately I have a couple of months left before Spring arrives.
It is interesting to catch a glimpse of how various people feel about books as part of home decor

Matt Selman's rules (which largely boil down to only display books in public areas if you have read them)

Scott McLemee points out that Ezra Klein has a very different view. McLemee quotes Klein as saying, “Bookshelves are not for displaying books you’ve read, those books go in your office, or near your bed, or on your Facebook profile. Rather, the books on your shelves are there to convey the type of person you would like to be."

I can see both sides of the argument and in all honest my bookshelf has books I have read and books that relate to who I wish to be but haven't yet read.

Edited to add: I should note that when I display books, I am actually only displaying them to myself. I have lived in my current apartment since August of 2006 and in that time 7 people have been inside and that includes my landlord, his wife, and the Comcast contractor who installed my cable. My actual guests have been [livejournal.com profile] sacredchao, [livejournal.com profile] serolynne, [livejournal.com profile] radven, and Jon. That says something about me and I am pretty sure it is a negative thing.

The thing I have never understood is buying and displaying a library of books because the colors/style match your decor.
Professors don't really understand the concept of snow days. I think most of my colleagues are using the day the same way I am to play catch up. Emails and file attachments are flying furiously, meetings are being rescheduled, new meetings are being scheduled, and drafts of proposals are being shared; however, the students do seem to be taking the day off because they are staying nice and quiet in their corner of my electronic world.

By the time class was canceled, I was out of bed where I spent the night tossing, turning, cursing, meditating, thinking, but NOT sleeping. I was dressed and had a pot of coffee with the official word came. I checked email and read a few blogs/LJs. Then I crawled back into my warm and cozy nest. After napping for a couple of hours I feel human and I have a day of freedom.

After working in my office on campus both Saturday and Sunday it is nice to have an at home day. The best part is that I don't even have to dig my way out of the house. The lake effect bands that pounded campus stayed just east of here so we only received a couple more inches on top of yesterdays snow. I have a two exams to write and some things to do for the online portion of my class. Sad that even with those things to do it still feels like a day off. Fortunately I have most of what I need to work at home thanks to Tuesday being my satellite campus day of teaching.

I ventured out for lunch and came home to emails with more changes in my schedule for the next 10 days. Fortunately for a change it was in the direction of freeing up time. That was just the thing I needed to give myself permission to relax for the rest of the day. First up on my fun agenda was working some photos I took last summer and didn't process or upload. They are of a set of murals on the side of the building that houses Lifestyles in Valporaiso. They are by the same artist that painted the mural on the Northside Diner here in Chesterton. I love the detail in them. I think I need to turn at least the coffee shop shot into an icon. Here are a couple of them and there are more over on Flickr in

I am also taking care of some laundry and listening to music. The clouds have cleared though they will be back with more snow tomorrow. My final treat for the day will be curling up with a hot beverage and the back issues of Chicago Wilderness magazine that arrived today. An evening of dreaming of spring and finding new places to explore. The magazine is also inspiration for one of my dreams. They are a magazine for which I would like to freelance from time to time.

In other goodness, for the second week in a row, I have social plans for Friday. Last week possible roomie and I went out to dinner. This week the plans are for margaritas with CR1 and J.

Photos behind the cut. To truly appreciate the detail included by the artist you should click through to flickr and view the larger sizes. Clicking on the photo will take you there.

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