Feb. 11th, 2008

My day

Feb. 11th, 2008 09:21 pm
This post is mostly for my own record keeping but some of you might be bored enough to care how I spend my time.

There is a huge disconnect between how I spend my time and the thing that will let me earn tenure and ultimately keep my job (read: research and publication). Behind the cut is my schedule for noon Sunday to Tuesday night.

Nothing on that schedule will earn me tenure. If I am horrible as a teacher, I could be turned down but being good enough or exceptional as a teacher are one and the same. I am expected to do "enough" service but barely enough and above and beyond the call of duty count the same. What really matters is publications but I am not really sure where I am supposed to find research time unless I find a way to give up sleep.

a couple of days in the life of a sociology professor )

All this for wages that just barely miss allowing me to use the free low income e-file option with the IRS; actually without teaching extra in the summer I would qualify for that. The sad part is all that having this career has cost me.

Something is clearly out of whack. I do have colleagues who do the bare minimum with regard to teaching and service but as much as I would like tenure it is as important if not more important to live according to my values. Those values won't allow me to short change students or be a bad university citizen. Which means that I really need to find a way to get by with much less sleep.

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