Jan. 2nd, 2008

I haven't shoveled a path to my door. I felt like a less than nice person for this as I have several packages on the way from UPS and then there is the poor mail carrier. When I heard the UPS truck pull up (smart marketing strategy that unique sound they have) I pulled on my boots and decided to wade out to the driver or at least meet him in the middle. He only had one package today and it was a nice tightly packed book.

No need for either of us to wade through the snow, he made a very nice frisbie toss which I even managed to catch effortlessly. We probably shouldn't try that with the external hard drive that is also on its way to me which means I need to dig a path. I'll do that when the machine shop employees go home; they make me very self-conscious so I try not to spend time outside while they are around.

Random bits

Jan. 2nd, 2008 01:31 pm
1. I don't believe I have ever before read (much less owned) a book that includes this warning.

"The making and/or possession of the [sic] some of the devices and mixtures described in this novel is possibly illegal in some jurisdictions. Even the mere possession of the uncombined components might be construed as criminal intent" [insert disclaimers so that the author and publisher are less likely to be sued].

2. More light snow drifting from the skies.

3. I finally slept a decent amount last night.


5. I watched the last quarter and a half of the Georgia vs. Hawaii game last night. Maybe it is just me but there wasn't much southern hospitality showing among the fans for Georgia. The same could be said of the coaches and some players but that is easier to understand.

6. Another busy day at the feeder but the mix and list of birds is the same as yesterday except that I haven't seen a redpoll yet.

7. I am very glad that we have another week before the semester begins. Last year we had to report back on the second and that sucked and would be worse this year. I need to go in the next few days and review the application files for department chair. I hope the search is successful this year.

8. I have bunches of turkey breast to consume over the next few days. Any favorite ways to use left overs roasted turkey breast? I like winter in most ways. I do miss being able to open the windows for fresh air and I miss fresh produce. Next year I will put summer produce up for the winter. I have been buying a little produce (Brussel sprouts, cabbage, root veggies) even though they are not local but isn't the same as the juicy goodness found at summer's farmer's markets.

9. Today's goals -- work on spring syllabi, catch up on dishes, and get a decent photo of those speedy little red-breasted nuthatches. I wish one of them would sit still for a couple minutes.

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