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I still have a Richter's order of herb plants to go, will pick up some transplants locally, and I have lots of seeds from last year but today I placed my Seed Saver Exchange, Park's, and Cook's Garden orders. What I ordered hiding behind the cut.
  • Runner Bean, Painted Lady
  • Beet, Bull's Blood
  • Beet, Cylindra
  • Cabbage Park's All-Purpose Blend
  • Cauliflower, Rainbow Mix
  • Cucumber County Fair Hybrid
  • Cucumber, Poona Kheera
  • Eggplant Cook's Custom Mix
  • Specialty Greens, Cook's Braising Mixture
  • Cook's Specialty Micro Greens
  • Red Komatsuna
  • Par-Cel Tangy
  • Lettuce Cutting Mix
  • Lettuce, All Season Romaine Mix
  • Lettuce, Cook's Blend
  • Lettuce Heatwave Blend
  • Lettuce, All Season Butterhead Mix
  • Lettuce, SSE Lettuce Mixture
  • Long Day Onion Sampler Packs
  • Pea, Amish Snap
  • Pepper, Alma Paprika
  • Pepper, Fish
  • Pepper Transplants Sampler, Shipping May 3-5
  • Pepper Transplant, Jimmy Nardello's, Shipping May 3-5
  • Potato, Red Gold , 2.5# Shipping March 29-31
  • Pumpkin Mini Harvest Blend
  • Summer Squash Mix
  • Tomato Transplants, Fresh Salsa
  • Tomato Transplants Sampler, Shipping May 3-5
  • Tomato Transplant, Tomato Amish Paste, Shipping May 3-5
  • Tomato Transplant, Tomato Hungarian Heart, Shipping May 3-5
  • Tomato, Amish Paste
  • Tomato, Federle
  • Tomato, Isis Candy Cherry
  • Tomato, Speckled Roman OG
  • Tomato, Opalka
  • Tomato, Red Fig OG
  • Tomato, Crnt Sweet Pea OG
  • Tomato, Red Zebra
  • Winter Squash Mini Magic Mix
  • Winter Squash Cook's Custom Mix
  • Delice de Table
  • Prickly Caterpillar
and just for beauty and to attract butterflies/hummingbirds
    Zinnia Jazzy Mix
  • Calendula Lemon Cream
  • Rudbeckia Moroccan Sun Mix
  • Tricolor Daisy Chrysanthemum carinatum
  • Marigold Chameleon
  • Angel's Trumpet Ballerina Mix
  • Monarda 'Bergamo'
  • Agastache 'Rose Mint'
  • Park's Candy Lily
  • Hosta American Crosses Mix
  • Yellow-Eyed Grass Yellow Stone

Date: 2010-02-22 11:28 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] honeyswtrose.livejournal.com
You are going to have a fabulous garden this year

Date: 2010-02-22 06:40 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] alberta100mile.livejournal.com
Oh wow! What a garden! Now that I live in an apartment, I've got to get creative about my gardening. More importantly, I have to get in gear! Sheesh it's almost March!

Thanks for the reminder!

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